NGO Management & Leadership Learning Journey 2024

NGO Management & Leadership Learning Journey 2024

A platform for describing the NGO Management & Leadership learning journey, and for trialling approaches to participatory digital technology, sometimes known as 'civic tech'. Module A focusses on Strategic Issues; and Module B on Programming and Leadership.


B10 Looking back at the journey

B9 Leading yourself

B8 Leading through darkness

B7 Leading people

B6 Leading Change

B4 Advocacy

B1 Agile smart programming

A11 Adapting & connecting

B3 Cultivating capacity

B2 Partnership & money

A10 Ending well

A9 The heart of change

A7 Working collaboratively

A8 NGOs in a digital world

A6 Changing aid architecture

A5 Shifting power - localisation

A4 Reading the big picture

B5 How are we doing? (MEL)

A3 Managing NGOs

A2 You as a leader

A1 Introduction

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